Historical Houses of Sulaymaniyah is a prototype web-portal to map and describe the heritage private buildings acquired by the Museum of Sulaymaniyah (Slemani Museum); the historic residences have been georeferenced, placed on the web cartography and indexed, in order to give the user a multilingual tool for the knowledge, conservation and enhancement of the Cultural Heritage of the city, linked to the official Museum's website of the.

The web portal was created as part of the Cooperation Project MAE / University of Rome Sapienza called Preservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage of the Region of Kurdistan in Iraq, in partnership with the Directorate of Antiquities of Sulaimaniya and the Slemani Museum (traditional Kurdish name of the city). This initiative was funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. A special thanks for the support to the Italian Embassy at Baghdad and the Italian Consular Office at Erbil.

As part of the project, the Studio 3R s.a.s. collected and validated the existing material, with special reference to maps and archival material, working closely with the technicians of the Department of Urban and GIS of the city of Sulaimaniya and with the officials of the Directorate of Antiquities of Sulaimaniya and of the Museum. These institutions have provided much of the documentary material here presented (images and drawings). The research has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the officials of the Directorate of Antiquities of Sulaimaniya and of the Slemani Museum, especially Mohammed Salih Karim, who accompanied the team during the visit to the historic houses and provided data and historical images. The Department of Urban and GIS of the city of Sulaymaniyah helped in the planimetric location of the houses, Ranj Salah provided pictures and historical details on the Sarraf House and Dliva Abdullah Ali sent us some photos of the historic city; some of the photographic images of to the today's city were shot by Gianfilippo Terribili.

We are also grateful to the Director of Antiquities of Sulaimaniya, Kamal Rashid Rahim and to the Director of the Museum of Slemani Abdulla Hashim Hama, who have consistently helped the activity.

Below, a gallery of images documenting the city of Sulaimaniya from 1930 (click to enlarge).